15. Oct, 2016

Graskop Mp Sheri`s Lodge Basic Shopstewards training

SAFFCAWU leadership herein applaudes the partcipation and contributions to all shopstewards from variuos workplaces who attended and make this training a success.

It is the intention of the Union to train more shopstewards soon which is the key goal to ensure the Union have shopstewards capable to represent members adequately in all workplaces.

Proper screening and data will be kept since this will assist in future for more trainings planned for the union shopstewards.

A good shopsteward is the shopsteward that knows his/her roles and how to deal with individuals and group issues at the workplace.

We will always strive to amr accordingly all shopstewards in the Union with the necessary tools to be able to execute the duties of being a shopsteward with excellence.