12. Dec, 2016

On behalf of the SAFFCAWU National Leadership we like to thank all delegates that devoted their time and attended the special congress, your presence was highly appreciated.

To all comrades we wished things went their way, this is an organization belonging to workers who are members of this Union thus democratic process will come and go lets pass this bridge and focus to the future.

We did make means to check with all comrades who were part of the congress and we slept well after noting that all traveling comrades did arrive well to all their destinations.

Your leadership will meet very soon to map up a 2017 calander which will include massive recruitment campaigns, shopstewards trainings, NEC`s meetings etc.

Lastly, we believe that your support is prominent to all NOB`s thus please interact with them all the time dont wait for meetings.



19. Nov, 2016






                                                                              LR 2/6/2/2414

                     Office 1; 1077 PundaMaria Road; Thohoyandou; 0950

                                                          PO Box 28; Masisi 0989

                     Tel: (015) 962 0508; Fax: (015) 960 8914; Mobile 0729428861 Fax to e mail 0865182442

                              E mail:

………………………………………………………………………………………………………DATE: 07 November 2016




ATT: The Shopsteward Committee Secretary


Sent by E mail: variuos mails


SUBJECT: Notice in terms of clause 11.3 of the SAFFCAWU constitution for a Special National Congress.


Dear Comrades,


Kindly be advised that the Union leadership has decided to convene a Special National congress in line with the Constitution detailed as follows:


  1. Dates: 08 and 09 December 2016
  2. Venue: Sabie/Makhado


In line with the constitutional requirements, paid time off requests will be sent to all delegates elected by workplaces shopstewards committees two weeks prior the congress dates.


Thanking your cooperation in advance and further extending best wishes to all who will be traveling to and from the congress.




Jerrie Makanya

SAFFCAWU General Secretary



15. Oct, 2016

SAFFCAWU leadership herein applaudes the partcipation and contributions to all shopstewards from variuos workplaces who attended and make this training a success.

It is the intention of the Union to train more shopstewards soon which is the key goal to ensure the Union have shopstewards capable to represent members adequately in all workplaces.

Proper screening and data will be kept since this will assist in future for more trainings planned for the union shopstewards.

A good shopsteward is the shopsteward that knows his/her roles and how to deal with individuals and group issues at the workplace.

We will always strive to amr accordingly all shopstewards in the Union with the necessary tools to be able to execute the duties of being a shopsteward with excellence.



18. Aug, 2016


It is with great pleasure to inform you that SAFFCAWU has finally managed to record its second office space after the Head office.

This comrades comes after a hard work of recruitment by the newly appointed official comrade Shirley Mabuza who currently had successfully recruited more than 20 new companies to SAFFCAWU.

What is overwhelming is the fact that her recruitment has increased the number of farms in the new home of hope for vulnerable workers.

The new office comrades is at the below address:

Sanlam Building

Office no: R10

Bhimi Dimane Street 26



Tel: 013 243 3850

Fax: 013 243 3850

The third office is likely to be soon launched at Sabie Lowveld given the workplaces organised there by SAFFCAWU.

Its no secret comrades to tell a good story that SAFFCAWU in the Sabie area is currently having the following organised workplaces with members ranging above 800,

1. PNP Harvesters situated just outside Graskop towards Bushbuckridge

2. GR Forestry situated outside Graskop towards Hazyview

3. Lefera Crystal Springs a restaurant in Crystal Springs Mountain lodge Pilgrims

4. Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge at Pilgrims

5. LUSABA Sawmill at Klein Sabie

6. Blyde KLF outside Graskop towards Blyde

7. Wilgeboom KLF towards Bushbuckridge

8. Morgenzon KLF at Pilgrims

9. Tweefontein KLF at Sabie

10. KLF Nursery, Research and Training centre plus Ecoutorism at Sabie

11. Bertvleit KLF outside Sabie towards Hazyview

12. Spitzkop KLF outside Sabie towards Whiteriver

13. Sabie poles in Sabie

There is a great potential to add on the list above with lots of restaurants and retail shops plus forestry companies around Sabie.

It is the main reason why the NOB`s of the Union had decided to stage the first Special National Congress of this Union in this forestry town early November this year.

Comrades lets rally behind our Union and grow it with honesty and transparency unlike the defeated group still singing an old boring song "they run the union in the boot of the car".


13. May, 2016